We recently delivered to a customer's farm in our area a K-Line 2.5m Speedtiller.  This smaller Speedtiller is ideal for farmers who don't have larger HP tractors to pull the implement or who need to travel a lot between their properties.  The K-Line range caters for Speedtillers as small as 1.75m in width, right up to 12.5m with their Speedtiller Powerflex.

The smaller Speedtiller still has:

  • Adjustable front gang (which prevents ridging under the soil) 
  • Hydraulic roller adjustment
  • Single ram with depth adjust snap-on rings for precise control
  • Ridged deflector extension standard
  • 7 lip seal positioned behind the discs for superior protection
  • Hub bearing, double taper roll bearing load capacity 125KN


K-Line Speedtiller

K-Line Speedtiller - the all Australian inmplement for all Australian conditions. High speed, high performing disk tilling.

K Line Speedtiller - Horticulture, Coastal QLD - YouTube

2.5m K-Line Speedtiller deforming horticulture beds in coastal QLD. With superior trash flow and digging capacity, this machine is excellent for efficient, l...