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Ever wondered exactly what the difference is between the Case IH Puma and the Puma Sugar Special which you may have seen advertised?

Well, if you are looking at a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) Puma, then the only real difference is that the Puma Sugar Special has already been factory fitted with an on-board compressor which powers the pneumatic trailer brakes that most large haulout bins operate with.

When it comes to the Powershift Transmission version of the Puma, that is when you will see the biggest difference.In addition to fitting the pneumatic brakes to a "Classic" Puma, there are a number of other options fitted in the factory (a big cost saver) which turns the perfect farm tractor into the perfect haulout tractor.This includes front suspended axle, 50kph transmission, high flow hydraulics, front mud guards, deluxe seat and sound system and of course a UHF radio.Most customers also get the windows tinted for the long days in the northern sun.The standard tyre package is 620/80 R42 rears and 480/80 R32 fronts but for those who forward order their tractors, there are other tyre configurations available.

Speak to the guys at your local Case IH dealership to forward order your Case IH Puma Sugar Special as your ideal haulout tractor for next crushing season, factory fitted with the features you want with a cost saving bonus.

Hydraulic Flow Adjustment for Electronic Rear Remo...

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