You now have the option of weighting the front or rear of your Case IH tractor with weight block packs. The use of smaller individual weight blocks of 45kgs each at the front of the tractor, are limited to 12 blocks together, giving you a total weight of only 540kgs. With these weight block packs, you now have the option of using a great counter weight. This gives greater power to weight ratio and enables the tractor to better perform when towing and operating large implements from behind than when using the smaller individual weight blocks. The photo shows a weight block pack of 1000kg at the front of the tractor. The pin connection in these blocks also enables towing from the front and provides a sturdy point for all towing situations. There are various weight options in the block packs, ranging from 500 kg up to 1000 kg. The other bonus with these block packs is that they can come FACTORY FITTED which is a big cost saving factor for our customers. Call me today for more information on weight block options. David Brown 0419 155 244