When hauling sugar cane bins, you need a tractor that can work under load and lug down without the engine dying.This is where the Case IH Puma comes into its own. For example, the Puma 165 has a max torque at only 1400 revs, has a 45% torque rise and boosted power under transport operation up to an impressive 215HP which means it is more driveable at speed on roads.It makes this tractor the ideal cane haulout tractor.Its specs means it can reach maximum torque at lower revs.

When comparing tractors as haulouts, you have to look at these specs and compare max HP as some tractors have a greater "boosted" HP than others. So put simply, to compare apples with apples, look at the specs and not just its standard HP.For example a 195HP tractor compared to another brand 195HP model may have different specs, and the same specs and power could be easily achieved through a smaller and less expensive HP tractor like that of a Puma 165, keeping those hard earning savings in your own pocket.  Just some "food" for thought…..