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Husqvarna Outdoor Power Equipment Range for Home Owners

Husqvarna Outdoor Power Equipment provide a range of dedicated lawn care products to ensure you can maintain lawns quickly and easily with first class results, using the right product best suited to the task at hand. Regardless of whether you're a professional landscaper or just need to maintain your garden at home, Husqvarna have all the machines you need.




Husqvarna Automower in Action at Mackay Home Show 2015

For the first time at the Mackay Home Show, visitors had the opportunity to see in action and were in fact drawn to our display of the Husqvarna Automower. Many could not believe that such a mower exists and what a clever idea it was. In the right situation, its the perfect solution for a well manicured lawn with little effort. With its area defined by a fine guide wire pegged into the ground, the Automower demonstrated its ability to easily and quietly (no music was added to the video so you can hear how quiet in fact it actually is) maneuver around the display and obstacles and when needed to, return to its charging station. With a typical charging time of around 60 mins, it could run up to 150 mins continuously. Operating with small razor like blades underneath, it is able to cut a width of 240mm with a cutting height from 20mm to 60mm. An Automower this size can cut up 3200m2 with the larger model in the range able to manage a working area up to 6000m2. The beauty of these automowers are that they can work day and night, rain or shine, on slopes or around obstacles and have safety and security features like Auto Shut Off if lifted or tipped over as well as PIN code lock and anti-theft alarm.