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Professional Range of Chainsaws, Trimmers & Brushcutters

Getting serious about your lawn and garden? With a professional range of chainsaws, trimmers and brushcutters, we can help you find the right tool for the job!

Husqvarna Professional Chainsaws

husqvarna chainsaws

More power and better performance year after year.

Power, performance and design to meet your expectations.

Husqvarna chainsaws offers you some of the most advanced solutions in chainsaw development. Tough, durable and reliable workmates, with high performance.

Husqvarna professional range of chainsaws are compact and surprisingly light in weight, with a number of smart functions to make your work easier and more efficient.


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Husqvarna Professional Trimmers

husqvarna trimmers

Easy operating trimmers for demanding home owners.

Trimmers (whipper snippers) with power, durability and versatility for serious homeowners who want to keep their gardens in shape. Their low weight makes these machines extremely flexible, and they are designed to deliver low noise – perfect for those living in residential areas.

A trimmer is used to trim lawn edges where a mower can't reach. Professional machines with straight shafts and bevel gears are designed for more demanding jobs, and they make it easier to reach under hedges, bushes and the like. As an accessory, the straight-shaft trimmers can have a J handle which prevents the user from getting too close to the cutting equipment. When cutting with a grass blade, a J handle should always be attached. If you want a trimmer to master even more garden tasks you should consider one with detachable shaft. Besides being easy to store they truly are multi-purpose machines that can be fitted with several attachments such as hedge trimmer, blower, edger, pole saw and sweeper.


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Husqvarna Professional Brushcutters

husqvarna brushcutters

Brushcutters designed to ensure ergonomic operation.

Our professional brushcutters combine high performance with exceptional ergonomics and manoeuvrability. They will provide you with raw engine power and great fuel economy thanks to the X-TORQ® engine.

All models are lightweight, strong and well-balanced, and come with many practical functions.

Husqvarna brushcutters are developed for cutting grass, weeds, small bushes and brushwood. They are available in a variety of sizes, depending on the job. A wide range of accessories allows you to use the same machine for trimming grass as well as clearing brushwood, bushes and small trees. They have a long shaft to increase their reach.


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