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Silvan Selecta Products

The Silvan Selecta range meets the smaller spraying and general accessory requirements of farmers, gardeners, nurseries, the handyman, builders, plumbers and landscapers.


Silvan Selecta products are renowned for their strength, durability and quality of workmanship

The Selecta range includes:

  • Australia’s favourite ‘Spotpak’ 12-volt sprayers
  • Hand and knapsack style sprayers
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Diesel transfer equipment
  • Water pumps
  • A range of wheelbarrows
  • The Selecta Blue range of AdBlueTM transfer equipment.

The range also features accessories to maximise the capabilities of existing equipment such as pumps, hoses, spray guns, nozzles and nozzle holders, fittings, filters and tanks.



12v trolley sprayer

Work Smarter, Not Harder

with a Silvan 25L Rechargeable 12V Pump Trolley Sprayer

Save your back with this handy Silvan 25L rechargeable 12V pump trolley sprayer.

Adjustable conical spray pattern. Pencil stream sprays up to 8m. Up to 1.5hrs operation on a full charge (approx 3 tanks).

Only $328.90 inc GST.
(current as at 14.05.20. Subject to change)

See the guys at our Parts Counter for this unit or the many other easy spraying options with Silvan. 

Great rechargeable mobile spraying unit for around the home and sheds. Ideal for acreages and keeping the weeds at bay.

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Featured Product

Silvan Selecta

Motion Activated Security Cameras

Compact and self contained surveillance devices for covertly monitoring indoors & outdoor areas.

Ideal for securing of farm gates & driveways, fuel supplies, sheds, garages, workshops, livestock, fox’s & wild dogs, machinery and tools.

Who's watching your property and belongings while you are away?

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silvan select in store display

For more information on your ideal product, visit the Silvan Selecta Website.

Visit us in-store to see our range of Selecta products on display. If we don't have what you need in stock, we can easily get it in for you. Just see the guys at our Parts & Accessories counter.