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Walker Mowers –The Ultimate Zero Turn Mower for Slopes

Walker Mowers' unique design and configuration provides a low centre of gravity for quick, smooth and stable operation - even on slopes. The tilt-up deck and shaft drive provides easy maintenance.  Cut your mowing time by 25%.

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Walker Mowers – Fast, Easy, Beautiful Mowing – MB19 and MC19 Demonstrated

Walker knows lawns like no other. Get a glimpse of these compact mighty performers. The ease at which these versatile machines handle hillsides and get into tight spots with the advantage of out front mowing, while still being able to perform at a high capacity. (Hillside performer – MB19 48" Cutting Deck, Catcher Mower – MC19 42" Cutting Deck).



42" MC19 Walker Zero Turn Mower with Catcher Making Short Work of Thick Leaf Litter

Demonstration of the agile and powerful compact 42" MC19 Walker Mower with catcher for a customer. Watch the performance of this high capacity mower as it quickly makes short work of the customer's yard and thick leaf litter under trees before demonstrating the ease of emptying the full catcher and lifting the front floating deck for any maintenance.



Ease of Use of MC19 Walker Zero Turn Mower with Catcher – Customer Demos Mower

How's this for great customer service from McDonald Murphy Machinery – Mackay. Demonstrating a new 42" MC19 Walker Zero Turn Mower with catcher on customer's own turf. Watch as our dedicated salesman runs the customer through the machine before allowing him to experience the true ease of use and manoeuvrability of the Walkers. Another satisfied customer – another Walker welcomed into a new home.



Take a look at this beauty - 23hp 77" Walker Mower (B23i)

We had the privilege recently to demonstrate this amazing mower to a number of customers in our area who snapped one up for themselves after seeing it in action. It's ability to quickly cover a large area with very little horsepower (a big fuel saver) and to leave a beautifully finished cut had everyone talking.